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• 7/26/2015

Need for Speed (2015) - The Mystery Car Hood

NFS2015 E3 Trailer Risky Devils

This mysterious car hood has been thought by many to belong to the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Nismo Z-tune and, for all accounts, it looks like they would be dead on. I thought it was too, but I don't like adding cars based on speculation alone, so here's why I think it isn't the Nismo R34.

First of all, if you haven't already, give GTA Wise Guy's Characters and Cars video a watch. It's really good at drawing lines between who the five icons could be, and the cars shown off at this point. The only thing I find off about it is that he compares two different generation Porsches as being the same based on their body colour.

Anyway, towards the end of the video he points out that the group of guys walking past the mysterious car is the Risky Devils Crew, their logo is providently shown on the back of one of their t-shirts.

The picture shown features a distinct hood bulge, so distinct it could only have come from the Nismo R34... or could it? The angle of the video looks very low for it to be the hood of the Nissan Skyline R34, its hood height is around 120cm (~4ft). If it was that height, I imagine we wouldn't be able to see their legs.

So I began looking into the Risky Devils and their choice of car, as GTA Wise Guy has already pointed out that their is a correlation between icon and the cars shown in the trailer. Their website shows that they're obviously a group of long time friends and into driving for the fun of driving.

They also each appear to have a very particular choice in ride.

Option A

When I first saw the page, I thought straight away that it must be AJ's Lexus IS300, but it looks more bolted on than the smooth, single piece shown in the trailer, so I began looking at the cars of choice for the other guys.

I found the Nissan 200SX (S14) pop up a few times, in different configurations over the years, but one picture makes me think that this is our car!

Risky Devils Nissan Silvia

It looks to be about the right height, the right kind of curve, and is very much associated with the Risky Devils; their name is plastered across the windscreen and the bodykit applied to the S14 can be attributed to Eric Corvera, an associate of the Risky Devils. If you Google "Eric Corvera S14" you'll see he's got quite a history with this car and the Risky Devils.

That's why I think the car that everyone thinks is the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Nismo Z-tune, is actually a Nissan 200SX (S14). Not that I'm happy it isn't a GT-R R34, I want it in the game too, but at least we know what else there could be heading our way.

Option B

I took to the NFS Subreddit, after first publishing this forum topic, and found a post by trickeh2k. He believes that the mystery car hood belongs to a Nissan Silvia (S15) given a different angle in the video.

NFS2015 trickeh2k S15 Blur

I'm more certain that he's right with his identification of the car model. The image is blurred, but we can see the aggressive angle of the headlights meeting in the middle, the two pieces jutting up from the front bumper along the headlights, and the curved elongation of the hood tip.

Looking into aftermarket hoods for the Silvia (S15), I came across the DMAX D1-Spec hood available for various cars. While this example is made of carbon fibre, there are examples on google of the hood made of fibreglass (FRP).

I personally think it is the Silvia S15. Even after spending 2 hours of digging around for the Risky Devils.

Feel free to cast your opinion on this with a reply below, and also include the vote template at the beginning of your reply, although this isn't mandatory.

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• 7/27/2015
NFSWikiVoteTick I Agree
with Option A

It is true that the contours of the central rise in the hood are extremely similar to both that of the Z-Tune and DMAX hoods, but I would err on the side of caution and go with the car that's legal in the US at the moment (unless Need for Speed is set in a universe where the 25 year import rule was either repealed before the game or was never signed into law). In addition to that, the front of the hood seems to be curved downwards a lot more and a lot "earlier" than that of the Z-Tune. And, well, people may decide to paint their CFRP hoods. Or vinyl wrap them, since that's what is in fashion these days. I always thought that having all but the roof of your car in Underground 2 be unpainted CFRP looked rather silly...

While having an R34 Skyline GT-R would certainly be welcome, there really aren't many Motorex (i.e. the ones that the Feds won't have crushed if you can produce the proper paperwork) R34s out there waiting for the racers of Ventura Bay to come and pick them up, due to the scandal that led to Motorex's dissolution. If the game is to be as authentic as Ghost Games claims it to be, the newest Skylines we will get will probably be 1990 R32s. Unless Ghost Games is somehow able to code a "pursue upon sight" feature for R33s and R34s. That would be interesting (remember Cross wanting a reason, any reason to have the M3 GTR checked as to whether it was actually street legal?), but I doubt that it will happen. The same applies to the S15, which didn't even have any efforts made to import and legalise it en masse in the US. Could we be looking at a S14 with a S15 front end swapped in? Enjuku Racing has kits available for that.

Krieger22 (talk) 10:26, July 27, 2015 (UTC)

• 7/27/2015

I just had a quick look for S14 conversions, going on from your front end swap point, and I've found that the Nissan S-platform is a very, very, very deep rabbit hole.

I think it might be a North America 1995 - 1997 240SX (S14) Coupé. There are two 240SX (S14) in North America; the '95 - '97 S14 Zenki, and the '97 - '99 S14 Kouki.

The 240SX S14 Zenki is the 200SX Silvia (S14) in Japan, and the 240SX S14 Kouki is what is synonymous with that model outside Japan.

Nissan NA Silvia Speedhunters

Nissan S-platform on Wikipedia - There's a lot of variation, and that could all be coming out way in November.

LMR Jaws Disambiguation
• 7/29/2015

I really think we should wait until more information has been out, even though both options seem plausible enough. Since this is going to be car culture-based game, I wouldn't be surprised to see more than two S-chassis models.

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