NFS 2015 - Straight Outta' Gamescom!

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NFS2015 Icon Trailers Screencaps

A few screen caps from the various "Icon" trailers.

  • A few grabs of the 5th Risky Devil car. To me in a few shots the bonnet looks completely flat like a Sileighty, but sometimes it looks curving down in the middle like an S14 Zenki.
  • An old Porsche popping up on the far left. Black spoiler from the RSR 3.0, but the rear light arrangement of the RS 2.7.
  • That mysterious white bonnet turns up with the rest of its car. Looks like an S15 Silvia to me.
  • A sneaky white BMW 3-series on the left, and a sneaky blue 3-series on the top-right.
  • A car combined with a pickup truck in the middle (If anyone from Ghost is reading, please create a JIRA task for it).

Now time for one that made me think. During the "Outlaw Icon" trailer there's a small snippet showing the Diablo SV being chased by a few Crown Victoria's.

But, what is that car we're currently on hood cam with? It looks quick big, but the angle has me stumped; I think it could possibly be a Bentley Continental GT V8 (2012) or a Volkswagen Beetle. I thought it might have been one of the old Porsche cars, with the rounded headlights, but that hood is very much on top and very pronounced in shape.

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