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• 2/18/2016

Can't find the last event

According ty my driver details i have completed 60 main game events out of 61 (both played & won). I have been looking for uncompleted events by checking if in the race info it says "SET SPEED or SET TIME" in place of the personal best. It has worked well, as it only records the time/speed if you finish at least on bronze, which is also required for the event considered to be played. Now i have checked all my cars twice, but i can't find any race saying SET SPEED or SET TIME, and the only played race i have not ended in gold is the liberty park of the ford f-150, which is on silver (finished gold in that event with lambo aventador). I have every car, jackspot and billboard. Only one security gate left. All most wanted cars are also taken down and my SP is 2 072 400 (SL 42). I don't have any DLC-packs. Is the last event somehow hidden, or do i have to do something before being able to play it? Any help will be appreciated.

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• 2/18/2016

Problem solved, i found the missing event on the "recommendations" page of the map. The race was the "park and country" sprint race, and i completed it on the lamborghini aventador. It is odd that it wasn't counted into the played or winned events, as i had won it earlier on the Alfa 4C concept. Probably just a bug.

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