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• 5/28/2016

There was an 'Unreleased Content' page for NFS World right?

Hey, just giving the wikia a visit, I think this wikia had a page full of Unreleased Content for NFS World but it got removed due to NFS World's ToS. Since the game is down, wouldn't it be good if it gets undeleted for archival's sake? There used to be quite a few of unreleased special edition cars as well.

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• 8/7/2016
sounds like a good idea
• 8/11/2016

Forgot to say, it was on this site but got removed because of NFS World's ToS.

• 10/21/2016
I don't recall seeing the page.
• 3/5/2017

Necroed, sorry, but it was removed a very long time ago. Perhaps in between 2010 and 2012.

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