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• 8/22/2016

Need For Speed: Heroes

I'm kind of working on this fanfic series called "Need For Speed Heroes". It's going to be based off of the new Need For Speed reboot but more story-driven. It's about a small group of 5 street racers that discovers a new group of street racers that are causing trouble in the city with cars they hijacked and modified for illegal use, and the 5 racers have to stop them. If you have any questions about the fanfic, let me know!

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• 8/23/2016
I look forward to seeing it.
• 10/21/2016
Send me a link when it's done
• 5/26/2017
I'm also doing a fan fic now as well.
• 5/26/2017
Also any characters from previous NFS games?
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