Completed NFS 2015

I want to Ask you some questions. On which Machine you completed the Final Race in NFS 2015. How many Cars you used to complete full game. On What console you completed this game. Did you complete Eddie's challenge? Do you think what in the final Race Nakai-San is Cheater? There's my Answers: I completed Full game on Subaru BRZ... yeah, i completed full game on starter car... I completed NFS 2015 on PS4. And yeah, i'm a PC player... NFS 2015 was my first game on PS4. + Difficulity. Yes, i completed Eddie's Challenge... On Subaru BRZ... Eddie is Cheater like Nakai-san in final race. When i reach my max speed (373 km/h) they ALWAYS beats me... EDDIE'S MAX SPEED IS 313 KM/H AND NAKAI-SAN'S MAX SPEED IS 318 KM/H!!!! HOW THEY CAN EASY BEAT ME WHEN MY MAX SPEED IS 373 KM/H!!!! HOW!!!!