American Motors Coporation (AMC) was an American car company formed in January 1954 after the merging of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and the Hudson Motor Car Company. The company was formed to take on the much larger car manufacturers Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

The company became known in the '60s for leading innovations in the American market. These ground breaking changes included a master cylinder in 1962, dual reclining front seats in 1964, and disc brakes in 1965. These alterations were not made by any of the other three companies until the early '70s.


Model EngineInfoboxIcon2015 BHPInfoboxIcon2015 TorqueInfoboxIcon2015 DrivetrainInfoboxIcon2015 AccelerationInfoboxIcon2015 MassInfoboxIcon2015 TopSpeedInfoboxIcon2015 TransmissionInfoboxIcon2015
AMX V-8 390 6.4L V8 315 bhp 425 lb·ft RWD 6.2 secs 1461 kg
(3221 lbs)
105 mph
(169 km/h)
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