Angie is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Carbon.

Angie is featured as the boss of the 21st Street Crew, a Muscle car crew based in Kempton.


Angie took part in a race in Palmont alongside the player and all other main crew bosses. The race was ambushed by the Palmont Police Department, whom arrested every racer except for the player.

Need for Speed: Carbon

The player is met by Angie in two short cutscenes after completing a race within the Kempton territory and after taking over two territories within that area. The player is challenged to a series of Boss Race events by Angie after taking over all territories in Kempton.

Angie joins Darius' Stacked Deck crew as a member "motivated" to take down the player after all three initial territories are gained by the player. She can be encountered in the Savannah Street circuit race and the Desperation Ridge canyon duel event.

The player must race against Angie, as well as Kenji and Wolf in two race events during the epilogue of the title.



  • Angie's Charger R/T is depicted with large scratches on the driver's side door in her introduction video. This is due to her past race when she unsuccessfully drifted through a corner with Kenji.
  • A shortened version of "Hurricane" by Kyuss is played during Angie's introducion video.
  • Angie is 25 years old and grew up in Morgan Beach, Kempton.[1]


  • "Yeah, I heard you were back in town. Go back to where you came from."
  • "You think you're making a name for yourself? Keep racing through my territory and I'll waste you and your reputation."
  • "You should have stayed away. Whatever anyone thought of you then, there's not gonna be any doubt now."
  • "You're done punk."



Intro Video


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