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The 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish is a grand-tourer produced by Aston Martin.

It replaces the DBS, which itself replaced the original V12 Vanquish. The Vanquish is available either as a 2-seater or as a 2+2.

It uses the fourth generation of Aston Martin's VH platform, which is lighter than its predecessor due to its extensive use of carbon-fibre.

An upgraded version of Aston Martin's 5.9L V12 engine, an interior inspired by the limited-production One-77 and a Touchtronic 2 automatic transmission are also included.


Need for Speed: Rivals

The Vanquish appears in Need for Speed: Rivals as both an RCPD unit and a racer vehicle. It was the only vehicle to be available to both factions[1] prior to the release of any downloadable content.


It is unlocked for the racer faction upon the player completing any of the SpeedLists offered at rank 2. Once unlocked, it can be purchased for 32,500 SpeedPoints.

Racer Racer Rank 2 Heat Level 1   Tech Level 1 32,500 SpeedPoints 
 Top Speed   4.6   7.1
 Accel   5.5   6.8
 Control   5.5   7.2
 Strength   6.9   7.9
 Durability   6.2   8.7
Wraps & Liveries (5)
NFSRVIPMatteKitLivery.png VIP Matte Kit - Pre-order or purchase the Loaded Garage Pack
NFSREuroLivery.png OverWatch Euro - Reach OverWatch Rank 6 and beat OverWatch Challenge #2
NFSRBiteMarksLivery.png Bite Marks - Complete a Rank 2 Speedlist (10,000 SpeedPoints)
NFSRThirteenLivery.png Thirteen - Complete two Rank 2 Speedlists (10,000 SpeedPoints)
NFSRStudioLivery.png Studio - Complete three Rank 2 Speedlists (10,000 SpeedPoints)

RCPD - Patrol

The patrol specification of the Vanquish is unlocked upon completing the rank 1 assignment - "It Starts Here".

Police Police Rank 1 { Patrol }   Tech Level 1 Complete Patrol Assignment 1 
 Top Speed   4.6
 Accel   7.0
 Control   5.5
 Strength   8.7
 Durability   8.5

RCPD - Undercover

The undercover specification of the Vanquish is unlocked upon completing the rank 1 assignment - "Ready To Roll".

Police Police Rank 1 { Undercover }   Tech Level 1 Complete Undercover Assignment 1 
 Top Speed   4.6
 Accel   6.2
 Control   6.2
 Strength   8.7
 Durability   8.0

RCPD - Enforcer

The enforcer specification of the Vanquish is unlocked upon completing the rank 1 assignment - "It Starts Now".

Police Police Rank 1 { Enforcer }   Tech Level 1 Complete Enforcer Assignment 1 
 Top Speed   4.6
 Accel   6.2
 Control   5.5
 Strength   9.1
 Durability   9.0

Need for Speed: Edge

The Vanquish 2013 appears in Need for Speed: Edge with an S class performance rating.

NFSE AstonMartin Vanquish 2013.jpg
S 723
Requires 500 blueprints to produce
Top Speed 738
Acceleration 723
Nitro Capacity 710
Strength 417
Durability 404


  • The Vanquish was the winner of the "King of the Streets" challenge on the official Need for Speed Facebook page, which allowed fans to choose between 8 cars with the winner being made available on both sides of the law[2].
  • In Need for Speed: Edge, it is listed as a 2013 model year.