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The 2017 Audi S5 Sportback (B9) is an all-wheel drive coupé built by Audi from late 2016, after its unveiling in June 2016. Its Sportback trim adds rear doors and a hatchback rear.

It is part of the second generation model line following on from the Audi S5 (B8) that had been in production since 2007.

Fitted with a 3-litre V6 engine, the S5 has direct injection as well as a twin-scroll turbocharger to reduce both weight and cost. The turbocharger is mounted within the engine and as a result has reduced response times.

The quattro all-wheel drive system receives power through a locking centre differential that splits torque sent to the wheels at 40% to the front and 60% to the rear. The system can also divert up to 70% to the front or up to 85% to the rear.


Need for Speed: Payback

The Audi S5 Sportback appears in Need for Speed: Payback following its appearance during the game's reveal trailer, in which the car's interior can be briefly seen with Jess in the driver's seat.

It was later revealed during a developer interview with PlayStation Live at E3 2017 alongside the Buick Regal GNX.


It is unlocked for purchase from the drift, race, and runner class dealerships upon completing three questlines in chapter 3 - City Lights.

NFSPB AudiS5Sportback Garage.jpg NFSPB Dealership NA Icon.pngDrift ClassNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.pngRace ClassRunner ClassNFSPB Dealership NA Icon.png Unlocked in chapter 3 - City Lights.
NFSPB BankYellow Icon.png 91,000
NFSPB StatIcon Speed LargeWhite.png Horsepower 354
Top Speed 175
NFSPB StatIcon Accel LargeWhite.png 0 - 60 4.50
1/4 Mile 12.97
NFSPB StatIcon Nitro LargeWhite.png N2O Capacity 3.2
N2O Power 3.2
NFSPB StatIcon Air LargeWhite.png Airtime 4.4
Landing 3.3
NFSPB StatIcon Brakes LargeWhite.png Response 4.0
Power 3.7

Need for Speed: Heat

The S5 Sportback appears in Need for Speed: Heat following an article published[1][2] on August 19, 2019, revealing it to be part of the game's official car list, and appears in the NFS: Heat Studio app as part of container 1, which was included with the release of the app.


The stock S5 Sportback is unlocked for purchase from the car dealer for NFSHE Icon Bank.png70,500 upon reaching Reputation Level 8NFSHE Icon Rep.png.

It has a customisation rating of four and can be equipped with performance parts.

NFSHE Audi S5 Dealership.jpg
Unlocked at NFSHE Icon Reputation.png LVL 8
Infobox 2017White Car.png 168
NFSHE Icon Bank.png70,500
HORSEPOWER [bhp] 349
0-60 MPH [s] 4.50
MAX TORQUE [ft-lb] 369
TOP SPEED [mph] 175
NFSHE HandlingCartesianGraph.png
Customisation (Rating: 4/10)
Engine Swaps (10 Available)
349 hp 3.0L V6
102,500, 23NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 349 / 807
345 hp 4.0L V8
131,500, 27NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 345 / 1,009
385 hp 4.9L F12
185,500, 27NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 385 / 1,204
460 hp 6.2L V8
243,500, 31NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 460 / 1,239
542 hp 5.0L V8
303,500, 35NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 542 / 1,215
600 hp 5.2L V12
348,000, 35NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 600 / 1,239
612 hp 5.2L V10
358,500, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 612 / 1,235
640 hp 8.4L V10
380,500, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 640 / 1,239
710 hp 3.9L V8
438,000, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 710 / 1,234
730 hp 6.5L V12
454,500, 39NFSHE Icon Rep.png
[hp] 730 / 1,239



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