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The Audi TTS Coupé (8S) is a third generation 2-door sports car built by Audi from 2014 to present.

First shown at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show as the Audi Allroad Shooting Brake concept car, the third generation TT wasn't unveiled in its sports car form until the at 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and entered production in August 2014, replaced the second generation 8J range.

In 2016, the inline 4-cylinder engine was revised to produce 288 bhp and 280 lb⋅ft of torque an increase form the 2014 model's 261 bhp and 258 lb⋅ft of torque, but less than the 2018 revision's 292 bhp and 280 lb⋅ft of torque.


Need for Speed: Edge

The TTS Coupé 2016 appears in the game files of Need for Speed: Edge.

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