Autopolis is a motorsport venue in Kamitsue Village, Ōita Prefecture, Japan. The location is featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

The circuit was built in 1989 for $500 million funded by Tomonori Tsurumaki and is located within Aso Kujiyu National Park. The course was designed by Yoshitoshi Sakurai, the project leader of the Honda F1 team during the 1960s.



Several racedays are hosted by Racing Organisations in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Group Icon Location Events NFSPSTickIcon NFSPSCrownIcon NFSPSStarIcon
NFSPS Organisation ReactTeamSessions  NFSPSRacedayIcon059  Challenge: Autopolis 5  -  37,800 47,390 (Tony Manilla)
NFSPS Organisation ReactTeamSessions  NFSPSRacedayIcon042  Autopolis II 4 12,000 24,000 29,970 (Tony Manilla)
NFSPS Organisation Showdown  NFSPSRacedayIcon037  Showdown II: Autopolis 5  -  33,000 41,010 (Vinnie Gaul)
NFSPS Organisation NoiseBomb  NFSPSRacedayIcon022  Autopolis 6 20,700 41,400 51,600 (Aki Kimura)
NFSPS Organisation NoiseBomb  NFSPSRacedayIconAKI  Drift King Challenge: Autopolis II 3  -   -  24,940 (Aki Kimura)
NFSPS Organisation ReactTeamSessions  NFSPSRacedayIcon012  Challenge: Autopolis II 6  -  39,600 49,710 (Aki Kimura)
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