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The Need for Speed World Battlefield Heroes SUV (abbreviated as BFH SUV) is a fictional V10 powered off-road vehicle. It is inspired by the first-person shooter game Battlefield Heroes.

Need for Speed: World

Template:NFSWlink The BFH SUV was added into Need for Speed: World on June 13th, 2012 as a Tier 2 car. It is available in two style variants; "Nationals" and "Royals". Both vehicles can be acquired for 5,600 SpeedBoost and are equipped with "Gromlen" Race Tuned parts as standard. They also come with Juggernaut, Demolition, Ram, Rampage, Overdrive and Radar Skill Mods.

The BFH SUV is capable of reaching 184 mph (296 kmh) top speed. Despite its large size, the BFH SUV has a moderate acceleration and decent handling compared to other Tier 2 cars. At high speeds, the BFH SUV can ram police vehicles effectively, although it may be vunerable to collisions if driven slowly.

The "Nationals" variant is featured with headlamps and a missile launcher on the roof. On the rear of the vehicle, a first aid box is mounted. The "Royals" variant has a machinegun mounted on its roof and the additional headlamps on the front. A spare tyre can be seen in the rear.

Both vehicles are customised with a series of Aftermarket parts including custom rims and a stage 3 lowering kit. The license plate of the "Nationals" is featured with the logo of the National Army faction in Battlefield Heroes, while the "Royals" has the logo of the Royal Army faction from the same game.


  • The BFH SUV utilises a V8 engine sound, even though it is powered by a V10.
  • The car looks similar to the Rhino SUV.


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