Betrayed is the thirty-third Job mission in Need for Speed: Undercover.

The mission begins with the player delivering a much requested BMW M6 that they got from Carmen Mendez to Chau Wu. Chau Wu immediately inspects the car and grabs a briefcase out of it.

He releases Chase Linh, but she reveals herself as a double agent. She takes a silenced pistol from Chau and murders him with it, with the intention of framing the player for the murder. She takes the briefcase and drives off in the M6.

The TCBPD arrives at the warehouse at 5:23 p.m. to find the player with the recently killed Chau Wu. The TCBPD suspects the player of the murder. They set up a roadblock near the warehouse entrance, but the player steals a black Lexus IS-F and breaks through the roadblock. The player must escape the police and track down Chase Linh.

Lt. Jack M. Keller calls the player and says that he believes they are innocent but he needs some time to clear their name. He tells the player that he can prove their innocence if they bring in Chase Linh.

Keller contacts the player again after they evade the police pursuit. He says that the entire Tri-City Bay Police Department is after them and that he has recruited another officer to help the player. Chase Linh is heard via radio chatter to be requesting a helicopter pickup.

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