Big Sister is the leader of Riot Club in Need for Speed: Payback. She is a tough crew leader that uses drag racing to show defiance towards The House. Despite this, she treats her crew like a family.

Need for Speed: Payback

Big Sister appears during chapter 3 - City Lights - of the career. She introduces herself to Tyler after he challenges her crew. Despite initially suspecting him of being a spy for The House, Big Sister reveals to Tyler that his race in Boomville a few days ago inspired her to stand against the House, and that she believes he will help the crews get the city back. Though Tyler claims his fight is against Navarro, he continues to race her crew.

Eventually, Big Sister agrees to take on Tyler. After Tyler wins, he admits that Big Sister is right and that his fight is bigger than what he thought. She agrees to help Tyler in his fight against The House.

During the Outlaw's Rush, Big Sister and Riot Club assist Tyler by drawing away cops that were on The House's payroll.

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