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Numan Emir Numan Emir 18 November 2019

About for me

I like Need for speed. Cars love to correct the wrong information in the philosophy of life for me.I respect people.

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 2 January 2019

Need for Speed: Carbon - Improvement Mod

The Need for Speed: Carbon - Improvement Mod is an all-round mod for Need for Speed: Carbon, and packs the latest additions without changing the core game experience. It's the new game plus for your time in Palmont City!

It can be found here at

What's Included? The Improvement Mod has a long list of additions, alterations, and general quality of life fixes included with its downloadable zip file, but here's a few highlights;


  • Angie's Dodge Charger R/T, Kenji's Mazda RX-7, and Wolf's Aston Martin DB9 can be found in Custom Cars without having to acquire their pink slip
  • Their Stacked Deck cars can also be driven in Quick Race
  • Multiple rival crew cars
  • Multiple preset cars
  • Multiple traffic vehicles and PPD units can be unlocked through the…

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 13 November 2018

November 2018 Updates

Since it's November, I should share a few updates.

I plan on possibly trying to review some of the older NFS titles and giving my opinions on whether or not I'd recommend them.  Also at some point in the future, I want to recap my experience on playing Payback which was released just a year ago as of this blog.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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The Primordial Clok-Roo The Primordial Clok-Roo 8 July 2018

Custom Need for Speed: Payback Races

OK, so this is where I'll be posting stuff regarding my own custom made races in Need for Speed: Payback. Since a certain admin on this Wiki will frown upon the act, I'm not gonna bother making individual mock-up pages for them. Instead, every bit of information about them will be listed below, under different headings.

  • 1 Silver Canyon Derby
  • 2 Casino Royale
  • 3 Billionaire's Escape
  • 4 Unnamed Airfield 73 off-road circuit
  • 5 Unnamed Liberty Desert off-road circuit
  • 6 Ember Valley Hill Climb

A race set in Silver Canyon. The race starts at the intersection nearest to Liberty Desert - i.e. the western most point of the shown layout. The player turns right and heads down into the canyon. Turn at the first off-road descent on the right, and head down the steep slop…

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 1 July 2018

July 2018 Updates

Hey everyone.  It's time for an update.

Since NFS is taking 2018 off, I think it would be a fitting time to look back at Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, and Carbon.  I plan on reviewing those titles at some point in the near future.  On top of that, I plan to revisit High Stakes.

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for more and have a great month.

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 18 April 2018

Checking In.

Hey, NFS fans.  I wanted to drop in to let you all know that a couple of months ago, I finished the campaign in Need for Speed: Payback.  After finishing the story, I decided to take time to look for derelict parts.  So far, I've only completed the Nissan Fairlady Z, and made it a drift car.

That's all for now.  See you all next time.

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Meraj11703121 Meraj11703121 9 April 2018

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 19 March 2018


Hey peeps.  I want to provide a quick update.  I plan to write a review of Need for Speed: Payback in the future and provide how I feel as opposed to what the facts are.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned for more blogs.

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 8 January 2018

Need for Speed: Payback: Post-release thoughts

Hey.  I have my thoughts on Need for Speed: Payback.

I can easily say this is the best NFS I've played in all my years of playing the series.  The race types reminded me of ProStreet a little bit.  Some of the missions reminded me of Undercover, others reminded me of Hot Pursuit and The Run.  Fortune Valley definitely reminds me of the Death Valley and Desert Hills stages from The Run.  There's a decent selection of cars and a nice variety of race modes and missions.  I don't care what the critics say; this game is really fun.

Would I recommend it? If you're a NFS veteran like I am, yes.  If you're a NFS rookie, you should still check it out.

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 6 December 2017


Haven't posted here in a while, so it's time for an update.

I haven't gotten my hands on Need for Speed: Payback yet, but I'll let of you know how I feel about it once I play it.

That's about it.  Stay tuned for more blogs.

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 25 October 2017

Need for Speed Payback: My Thoughts

Hey.  I want to share my thoughts so far on Need for Speed: Payback.  At first glance, I can say it looks very promising with the car list and the gameplay styles.  Did I mention that I think the derelict cars are a nice addition to the car lineup?

The story looks to me like it's trying to cash in on the Fast and Furious movies, but other than that, it's sure to be a wild ride.  Fortune Valley definitely looks beautiful during the day or at night.  To top it all off, the offline campaign mode is a great addition to the game, while Rivals and the 2015 reboot lacked.

There you have it, folks.  If you happen to see this blog, drop a comment with your thoughts.

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Westside JDM Westside JDM 27 September 2017

Some of my own car suggestions for NFS Payback

So, I'm open to suggestions, so long it ain't any Toyotas. Y'all can give me ideas; it can be any type of car, again, so long it ain't toyota. Also, most of my suggestions will be tuners, and rally cars, as well as trucks.

Here we go, this list'll be relatively long, so I hope y'all will enjoy the read!

'00 Audi S4

It could be a runner and a racer, due to the B5 S4 being known to be modified to be quick for a cheap price. All in all, who could resist a bi-turbo V6 with four wheel drive and over two hundred fifty horsepower stock? I sure as hell can't resist something like that. 

'85 Ford RS200

If anything, this rallying legend deserves to make an appearance in this game more than any other car. It could be a race car, a runner car, and an offro…

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 21 September 2017

The Need for Speed Community

Over the past month, some may have noticed there have been a few new articles about members of the Need for Speed community. Hopefully you've been noticing, that's the point in them being there, and there's more to be made!

The new Need for Speed community articles are meant to highlight the past, present, and upcoming future of the Need for Speed community.

In my time as a fan of the Need for Speed series, I've seen the franchise change hands between studios, dive deep below mediocrity from its high stand as a tent pole racing series, and even participated in a fair few fan sites.

Through that time, only one thing has remained - fans. There's always fans of the series, some have opinions on one aspect and others on a polar opposite, but one thing re…

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NewPolishMapper NewPolishMapper 20 September 2017

The Cars I really want(ed) in NFS Payback

As the release date for NFS Payback draws near the current car list can excite us and disappoint us at the same time.

In this list I will include the cars that should or should've be or been included in the roster as well but who knows maybe a DLC will come round? I don't know.

I sent a letter to Ghost back in late of May and I never heard from them in reply, I might send one again.

So here we go.

Nissan Silvia S13 K's

Model year: 1988

Car classes: Race, Drift

Peugeot 205 1.6 GTi

Model year: 1984

Car classes: Race, Off-road

Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

Model year: 1985

Car classes: Race, Drag

Nissan Silvia S14 K's

Model year: 1994 (Zenki)

Car classes: Race, Drift

Audi Quattro 20V

Model year: 1989

Car classes: Race, Off-road, Runner

Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC (Derelict…

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Bluntbylon Bluntbylon 10 August 2017


OK, so here's the thing, I really love theorising about mysterious characters in the NFS series, like the Hero or Cross. 

Today I want to present to you a couple my theory and a theory by my friend about Cross' transition from Rockport P.D. to a nation-wide bounty hunter. We know that Cross' cop Corvette and his bounty hunter Corvette have the same vinyl and design which has led me to the theory that if the two games NFS MW and NFS C took place at the times of their releases (2005-2006), Cross, wanting to end the Hero's racing days as a form of a personal vendetta, he issued a national Most Wanted warrant and went after the Hero. Cross knew the Hero would go right back to Palmont so he loaned the car from the RPD, never to return it again. …

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LouisEugenioJR LouisEugenioJR 18 June 2017

Hello all.

Hello.  My name is Louis J. Eugenio Jr.  I started playing Need for Speed back in 2002 when I got Hot Pursuit 2 for Christmas.  Since then, I've been following the franchise over the years and I've seen it through the good times and the bad.  Out of all the titles in the series, I'd have to say 2005's Most Wanted is my favorite followed by Pro Street and 2010's Hot Pursuit.

That's all for this blog.  If you have a moment, please drop in and leave a comment.  Thank you.

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 31 March 2017

We're Now The Over Drivin' Wiki!

As part of the expanded scope and the weight that is carried by being a fan site of such an extensive racing series, we're now the Over Drivin' Wiki to help differentiate ourselves as both a part of the fan community but also create a more memorable name within that community.

The Need for Speed community is worldwide, but many don't know of the early struggle to build up the brand name in Japan. Using the Over Drivin' name, we will revive the community's intrigue into the series' greater past and its early region specific car lists.

We hope all our international community members embrace this change, and as you're reading this across multiple different time zones, we'd also like to say April fools!

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Fastdonovan Fastdonovan 13 February 2017

I love this game

I have been playing the games since I was 5 but that is not important I am 16 now and they still are rolling out games to help entertain me And i have become the king of the games so far i haven't lost a single race unless you you count the first race on the original most wanted, against razor and the fourth also against him.

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Dimasitho152 Dimasitho152 14 June 2016

Need for Speed: Shift

Volkswagen Scirocco
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Mike458 Mike458 9 June 2016

NFS World Car Investigation: Lap Times on Lucky Towers

Orignially from:

I've just started a lap comparison board for all of the cars at the "Lucky Towers" track in Silverton. All the cars I've tested have been built up to A 749.

NFS World A Class Lucky Towers Lap Times

All cars were given one attempt (Lap 2) to set the fastest lap possible

No powerups

All cars are given the Redline skill mod Top of A Class (749 Overall)

Red: Custom Built by Me

Blue: A-Spec car (Best in Class), not touched

Green: Car built for comparison with other cars that are also custom built with different parts, those will be listed in the car's description

  • Ford Capri RS3100 (Blue, attempt 2): 1:13.91
  • Ford Escort MK1 RS1600 FIA Group 2 (White): 1:14.56
  • BMW M3 Sport …
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Flatcar373 Flatcar373 30 April 2016

Ideas / new Updates

From The Past Month I was Writing More Ideas Need For Speed 2015 Should Have Like Neon Lights and More Body Kits  And  More Car Parts I Also Think It Would Be Good If The 2014 Mustang gt From the need for Speed Movie Whould be A Good Idea. 

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Flatcar373 Flatcar373 29 April 2016


From The Past Month I was Writing More Ideas Need For Speed 2015 Should Have Like Neon Lights and More Body Kits  And  More Car Parts I Also Think It Would Be Good If The 2014 Mustang gt From the need for Speed Movie Whould be A Good Idea

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 14 April 2016

We've Reached Year 10!

| |}

If you've made it this far, you're the reason the wiki is where it is today, and I'd like to extend my gratitude to all those out there making this site great. Our last year alone, we've exceeded 2,500 articles, hit our highest concurrent user count ever (over 42,000 each day during the week of Need for Speed (2015)'s release), and we've cracked the top 100 rated wikia sites.

I'm looking forward to the future of this awesome gaming franchise and what it has to offer.

To close out, here's one of my favourite songs from the Need for Speed franchise. It may not be everyone's go-to song from that game, but it certainly helped create my big grim moments with a Hummer H2, an SUV event, and Park Drive. That's certainly when I became a fan.


❤ …

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 5 April 2016

Need For Speed 2015 Update & DLC Ideas

Hey guys, I doubt anyone will read this but I'm bored this afternoon after work so I thought I'd create a list of cars, parts and other game elements that I'd like to see added to NFS 2015 through updates or paid DLC. It's probably obvious that I'm biased towards tuners lol, but I'd still like to see some more exotic's and muscle's implemented.

If you have more ideas then comment them down below :) If you disagree then keep it to yourself. Remember this is just my opinion/imagination :)

Obviously this is a W.I.P, I will add more ideas as I think of more :)

1999 Honda Integra Type-R DC2 (USDM, with the JDM front end as a headlight or bodykit option)

1998 Nissan 240SX S14a (facelift model, with the pre-facelift as a bodykit option)

1994 Nissan 30…

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CMAN122 CMAN122 23 March 2016

Complete Manual of Style Page

Few weeks ago, I've noticed a fair abundance of pages that haven't been updated for a long time. Most of these articles are more than four years old and really look laughable when compared to our newer stuff.

Another thing that hasn't been updated but should have been is our Manual of Style, which has been incomplete ever since its publication during May 2012. We've always pointed our newcomers to it but I don't think that it has ever been enough for someone to truly understand what is right or wrong on the site.

The following is what I'll be publishing as our future Manual of Style. Most of the ideas came from Wikipedia which might take itself a bit too seriously sometimes but does have very detailed guidelines. I've tried to make it as sho…

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 23 February 2016

New Car Infobox

A new infobox for our cars, both real and fictional, will be rolling out soon as part of a push to be more mobile-friendly. The Need for Speed Wiki hasn't been the most technically astounding wiki to visit, but this first alteration over to Wikia's portable infobox design will help mobile users view content with fewer page errors.

This has been the first opportunity I've personally had to make these alterations to our car infobox. I first tried back in November, but "these things... they take time", and I've recently found the time.

Hopefully, not much at all.

Wikia's portable infobox push has been going for some time now, and that's allowed for greater documented information, as our content has a distinct style that has been difficult to kee…

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 14 January 2016

2016 and Year 10

2016 will mark this wiki's 10th year since the first edit was made, by none of the current editors that are around today. You've all worked hard to get this far, those that are still around and those that check back now and then, and it's certainly an achievement to be one of the more popular racing wikis on the wikia network.

We ticked over 2,000 articles in 2014, and nearly 500 have been created since. There are over 30 games in the Need for Speed Series... and a film, so there's certainly more to cover. This wiki is in a unique position in having one of the biggest catalogue of games in a franchise to cover; that also happens to span at least 20 years, and be one of the top ten best selling game franchises of all time.

This wiki has seen…

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CMAN122 CMAN122 5 January 2016

Car Article Discussion Blog

Hey guys, I was recently thinking about reorganising some of our car articles that haven't been changed for god knows. This is going to be a long post but pretty much everything is important.

Note: This discussion will expire on wednesday (January 13th). If no additional feedback is given until that time, I'll assume that the majority of the site is in favour of the changes. Please take part in the discussion if you disagree with one of the changes.

I've named the cars with a strong consideration for the series' lore and as such created the following naming priorities list:

  • 1. In-game naming (obviously the most established way for players to identify cars)
  • 2. In-game 3D model appearance (if several details conflict with each other, we should co…

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Iceshorm and fumeshorm Iceshorm and fumeshorm 7 November 2015



sorry for no caps but button is broken comma too

i have three questions to anyone who reads this

1- what cars would you like to see in nfs 2015, suv or not?

2- what car do you own in real life? (or ur father's)

3- what cars did you enjoy in nfs 2015 or no limits??

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 2 October 2015

Need for Speed Beta - Now Live

Heads up to anyone that completed an application for the Need for Speed Closed Beta. If you were accepted, you should have received a code by now via the email account you registered with.

The beta will run from today, Friday October 2nd, to Monday October 5th at 5am (GMT) for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Congratulations if you've been given a code, but please remember not to share any content. By accepting the code, you've agreed to an NDA, and this is outlined at the base of your code email.

If you wish to contribute, please hold onto your information until a later date. We want Need for Speed fans to edit here, but please don't put your own EA account or anyone else's at risk.

Thanks, LMR.
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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 29 September 2015


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Westside JDM Westside JDM 12 September 2015

My NFS 2015 Car wishlist

My car wishlist is a little bigger than the other wishlist here, any suggestions will be added

  • 1 Audi
  • 2 BMW 
  • 3 McLaren
  • 4 Ferarri
  • 5 Chevrolet
  • 6 Dodge

  • Audi RS4 Avant (B5)
  • Audi RS2  Avant
  • Audi RS6 V10 Avant (2002)
  • Audi S4 (B5)
  • Audi R8 (2016)
  • Audi 20V Quattro
  • Audi S3 (2006)
  • Audi RS3 Avant (2013)

  • BMW M3 (E36)
  • BMW M3 GTS
  • BMW 1 Series M Coupe
  • BMW Z4 M Coupe

  • McLaren 650S
  • McLaren MP4-12C (2014)

  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Ferrari 575 Marranello
  • Ferarri F430
  • Ferrari Dino 240 GTS
  • Ferarri F355 Berlinetta

  • Chevrolet Camaro Yenko SyC (1969)
  • Chevrolet Chevelle (1969)

  • Dodge Neon SRT-4 ACR
  • Dodge Viper SRT-10 (2008)
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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 20 July 2015


An exert from Speedhunters' new article - Creating the Cars of Need for Speed.

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CMAN122 CMAN122 20 July 2015

Car Wishlist for Need for Speed (2015)

Figured we could use a blog entry for all car wishlists of the community, 'cause the comment section of the Need for Speed reboot page is getting a little too big. Post anything you'd like to see in the game, discuss with your fellow editors and be friendly to each other! ;)

My car wishlist merely consists of old European and Japanese junk... Looking forward to your taste in cars!

  • BMW 850CSi
  • BMW 2002 tii
  • BMW M3 E36 '97
  • BMW M5 E34 '91
  • Mercedes 500 E W124
  • Mercedes 560 SEC W126
  • Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9
  • Saab 900 Aero
  • Toyota MR2 W10 Supercharged
  • Toyota Soarer V8 '97
  • Volvo 245 GLT
  • VW Golf Mk2 GTI 16V
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CMAN122 CMAN122 11 July 2015

Reorganisation of the Category Tree

EDIT: The category tree has been expanded and reworked in some areas. It has not been finished yet.

Hey guys, welcome to my blog series about reorganising all important bits of the Need for Speed Wiki that haven't been touched for a long time or at all... Please make sure to check everything mentioned in the Layout section - the paragraphs below are not that important. The last thing I want is to argue with someone just because they didn't pay full attention to this blog.

First of all, I finally want to admit not having contributed to this site for years until last month. Since I now have your attention, I hereby apologise to everyone for not taking full advantage of my user privileges as a bureaucrat during that time and not acknowledging th…

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Kuzz Kuzz 14 June 2015

NFS World Wiki joining forces!

Yo, I'm Kuzz and for the (almost) five years I've been managing the NFS World Wiki and it could be best described as a separate little part of the Need for Speed: Wiki which specialises in specifically Need for Speed: World only. Now if you have read the news then you know that NFS World will be closing down soon and with a wiki that has been in decline, hard to manage and will be completely utterly useless in about a month, I thought that why not pull a merger with the Need for Speed: Wiki?

Now what's needed for this to happen is to have consensus on both wikis. A merger was met positively on the NFS World Wiki so is this something that Need for Speed: Wiki would agree upon?

If the Need for Speed: Wiki agrees then I'm expecting to pull the …

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NewPolishMapper NewPolishMapper 9 October 2016

New Need for Speed (2015) car wishlist

Hi editors,admins and contributors! Today I'm going to do a car wishlist please note this is my personal picks.

I've split the wishlist in car categories.

European classics from the 1990s are my personal favorites and thats most EDM (European Domestic Market) cars, this category contains that were made and sold in Europe.

1996 Peugeot 406 2.0 Turbo

1996 Ford Escort RS2000 

1997 Audi S4

1992 BMW M3 E36

1993 Fiat Coupe 16v

1995 Alfa Romeo 155 Q4

1997 Citroen Xsara VTS

1994 Opel Omega 3.0 V6

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 23 May 2015

Is it a 930 or a 964?

The teaser trailer for this year's Need for Speed has dropped and everyone seems to be loving it!

But what Porsche is street racing in the video? It's difficult to say as there are a bunch of differing factors that make it difficult to pin point which model it is:

  • The Porsche design has been iconic for the 911 range, and as such hasn't changed much over the years.
  • The only footage we've seen is either crystal clear of its front or a video compressed mess of its rear.
  • It's fitted with a RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) inspired bodykit
  • Nakai-san, the man behind this icon Porsche stance look, deals with various Porsches models including 930 and 964's. It is, after all, an iconic RWB design.
  • The 'Natty Dread' bodykit is available for the Porsche 911 GT2 (99…
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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 22 May 2015

Need for Speed 2015 and the Wiki


I'm sure some of you out there may have heard about this game, and that's great! It has been on Steam's early access since March 2014, and was release yesterday - Thursday, May 21st, 2015 on Steam.

What some of you might not know is that this is the first game I've worked on in my professional career. I'm know I might be bragging right now, but games like Need for Speed: Underground 2, Burnout 3: Takedown, and Halo 3 made me want to pursue a career in game art and design.

Over the past 16 months I've been working as an Environment Artist on Carmageddon: Reincarnation. It has been taxing at times, fun in others, and touching cloth here and there. The white trashed, and burnt out saloon cars dotted around the city levels was the first asset I…

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Benas-545 Benas-545 21 March 2015

World PlayStation Gaming Championsip- Game: Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed

Hi, i maked my forum of Fans Playstation and then added the WPGC to be more attractive and fun. But in order to access it you must be a registered user and try to reach the level Jr. Member. You can't acess the WPGC being a guest or newbie. And you can see only 4 boards, but if you register as a newbie, you can see 7 boards, and if you are Jr. Member then you have free access to all the forum.

The current game is NFS PU. Here is the first round:

Round 1
Car: Porsche 968 Club Sport

Track: Monte Carlo

We need highscores. Before joining the WPCG, PLZ READ THE RULES! :)

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 21 March 2015

An NFS Soundtrack

A lot of people create a personal choice of soundtrack for their Need for Speed time, and mine is certainly as bias as any other; I like my coffee black, just like my metal. So, here's a few of my choices that I feel could individually fit within a Need for Speed soundtrack.



Menu / Safehouse



Menu / Safehouse

Menu / Safehouse


Menu / Safehouse

Menu / Safehouse




Menu / Safehouse

Menu / Safehouse


Menu / Safehouse





Menu / Safehouse




Menu / Safehouse


Menu / Safehouse

Menu / Safehouse

Menu / Safehouse



Song & Artist

Something New
Alice in Videoland

Anyone else got a few favourites?

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Deepakrajj1 Deepakrajj1 13 March 2015

Need for Speed Fanon Wiki is created!

Hi, guys. This is Deepakrajj1 here. There is something good news today that Need for Speed Fanon Wiki is created. It is created so that fanon games of Need for Speed will be posted there. Some peoples loves the thinkings of Need for Speed games, so their fanon thinking games can be posted on Need for Speed Fanon.

The address of the Need for Speed Fanon Wiki is:-

Please visit this wiki and create your fanon games and enjoy too!!

Deepakrajj1 (talk) 17:55, March 13, 2015 (UTC)

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Benas-545 Benas-545 11 March 2015

More realistical gears for next games

It seems that here are Manual and Automatic options. Why we shouldn't make cars with manual ones and others with automatic ones?

Ex: Chevrolet Corvette C6 has got 4-speed manual gears.

Chevrolet Corvette C6  (4-speed manual)

Nissan Skyline R34 (5-speed manual)

Mitsubishi Eclipse (4-speed automatic)
Toyota FT86 (6-speed automatic)
Subaru Impreza (6-speed automatic)

Mazda RX-8 (6-speed manual) (High Power)

Mazda RX-8 (5-speed manual) (Standard Power)

Mazda MX-5 NC (5-speed manual)

BMW M3 E46 (6-speed SMG Drivelogic)

BMW M3 E30 (2-speed manual)

Pagani Zonda (6-speed sequential)
Lamborghini Countach series (5-speed manual)

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 10 January 2015

Need for Speed 20XX

A really cool concept for a rebrand of the Need for Speed series. Obviously this is not an official installment in the Need for Speed series, but most certainly a professional take on where the series could go... and also I'm a sucker for 80s retro-futuristic art.

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 4 January 2015

Featured Articles Are Back!

  • 1 What Took So long?
  • 2 What's Really Going To Happen?
  • 3 Choosing Articles
  • 4 Closing

Free time is a valuable commodity that's in short supply, but it's done.

The last blog post all about featured articles may have been over a month a a half ago, and outlined how the new articles will be handled by community members, but it'll now work a little differently.

A NEW design of the previously new design has been toyed with and effectively works to show two articles at once instead of two!

Why were three articles dropped? The available space given across the width of the main page for users with different screen resolution was too varied to make five articles possible. Two allows for a little bit of text to accompany each image, and also allows for the same in…

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EpicMcLarenFan890 EpicMcLarenFan890 29 December 2014

Part 2 feat. Fallacy - One of Dem Days LYRICS

Had no idea where to post the lyrics of my favourite song, so I decided to post it here.

The lyrics are incomplete because I can't hear what the words say (these marked with "...", any help to complete the lyrics are welcome.

These marked with "(?)" are something that might be right or wrong hearing.

The parts marked with "***" or with a word is on the clean version song.

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Verse 1
  • 3 Ending
  • 4 Notes

Back in the building!

Part 2! Tell me how close it is
Back in the Building.
You can't get it right I did it?
Part Twin (?) in the Beats.
Big house.
Shout and (?) back up your boys.
I'm in the b-building...rrrrr! (laughter)


Okay! (x2)

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 15 November 2014

New Featured Articles!

  • 1 What's Happened?
  • 2 What's Going To Happen?
  • 3 What Does The Future Hold?
  • 4 When's This Rolling Out?
  • 5 Closing

The previous featured articles section has been removed from the front page because it's too narrow to match the rest of that page's design.

A NEW featured articles design has been toyed with and effectively works to show five articles at once!

It will be the first community driven project on this wikia!

All registered wikia community members will be able to post a comment on this blog post with a list of their favourite content. The list should include only one favourite from each of the following five categories;

  • Vehicle - Any car article.
  • Character - Any character article such as blacklist racers, crew members, and bosses.
  • Location - Any city, dis…

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EpicMcLarenFan890 EpicMcLarenFan890 25 September 2014

How did I became an admin?

When I requested the Wikia Staff to change my username, some days later I suddenly saw that I became an administrator without requesting to be. How did that happen?

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Silverfan2000 Silverfan2000 6 July 2014

I am going to leave NFS wiki

In my last day of 7/5/14

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LeMansRacer LeMansRacer 5 July 2014

2,000 Articles

I'd like to thank all those regular editors that have helped to make this possible. Especially to those making the bulk of these articles put this wiki on the quality site of 2,000, and not the hundreds of single sentence articles side.

I'm sure the next thousand will be a quality read for any Need for Speed fan.

  • As usual with one of my blog post, here's a song.
  • Here's a trailer for a new racing game too, after all, there's no Need for Speed this year.
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