A Body kit is a collection of external visual modifications within a single package. They commonly include spoilers and bumper sets.

Body Kits are featured in most titles for styling purposes; in the Underground series, the installation of a body kit improves the Star Rating for a car by four or more stars. In Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Carbon, players could reduce their Heat Level with a new body kit.

Performance improvements were first introduced in Need for Speed: Underground 2 which allows players to adjust their downforce settings in the Dyno. Most Wanted and Carbon offer a similar feature in the Pause menu. Body kits in Need for Speed: ProStreet have a huge effect on the performance of a vehicle, as they increase the complete performance level of a car and allow the player to modify it towards either downforce or drag.



  • Players are able to convert their body kit to carbon fibre in Underground 2. A carbon fibre converted wide body kit covers the whole car excluding the roof, trunk and hood in unpainted carbon fibre.
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