Buick is an American car manufacturer and is currently operating as the premium vehicle division of General Motors.

It is the oldest American car manufacturer after forming in 1903 from Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company, an independent internal combustion engine and car manufacturer.


Infobox 2017White Car NFSRPerformancePartsIcon Infobox 2017White Calendar Infobox 2017White Engine Infobox 2017White BHP Infobox 2017White Torque Infobox 2017White Acceleration Infobox 2017White TopSpeed Infobox 2017White Gearbox Infobox 2017White Layout Infobox 2017White Mass
Avenir Concept NFSMW2012CarIcon
Century Riviera Coupé NFSMW2012CarIcon 5.3L V8 236 bhp 330 lb⋅ft 9.0 secs. 116 mph 3-speed FR 1810 kg
GSX NFSMW2012CarIcon 7.4L V8 350 bhp 510 lb⋅ft 6.1 secs. 114 mph 4-speed FR 1757 kg
Regal GNX NFSMW2012CarIcon 1987 3.8L Turbocharged V6 276 bhp 360 lb⋅ft 5.3 secs. 124 mph 4-speed FR 1576 kg
Regal ST NFSMW2012CarIcon
Riviera Concept NFSMW2012CarIcon 2013  Hybrid 5.0 secs. 155 mph 1-speed FF
Verano Turbo NFSMW2012CarIcon
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