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The 2015 Buick Avenir Concept is a conceptual 4-door saloon developed by Buick and shown at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show.

It was revealed as the new generation of Buick's aspiration in the luxury car market, and a move towards creating a new flagship vehicle for the brand.

Measuring over 5 metres in length, it takes cues from boat-tail design for the rear of earlier Riveria models. Fitted with a V6, and power being sent through a 9-speed automatic to all four wheels, it's aimed squarely at comfort over performance.


Need for Speed: Edge

The Avenir Concept 2015 appears in Need for Speed: Edge.

NFSE Buick AvenirConcept 2015.jpg
Top Speed 0
Acceleration 0
Nitro Capacity 0
Strength 0
Durability 0