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A Bust is when the player either wrecks or halts another player as a cop. This was first introduced in Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit but is a major gameplay function in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered.

Busts are a major part of police missions such as Hot Pursuit and Interceptor. The player must bust a racer by either causing stopping the car or by wrecking the racer. This can be achieved by the player through either ramming, Spike Stripping, blocking or EMPing the target vehicle.

Another method for the player to earn a bust is by bringing the racer to a complete stop. This can be done by parking next to the racer and forcing them to stop or trapping them next to a wall so they cannot move their car. If the player is not within the vicinity of the racer when they come to a halt then the player will not be awarded a bust.


  • Racers can hit traffic vehicles head on which will bring them to a halt. Most players attempt to increase their speed and ram them while going as fast as possible, but it's better for the player to stop beside the crashed racer for a guaranteed bust.
  • Ramming into a target at high speeds is the best non-equipment related way of damaging a racer. Nitrous can also be used to increase a vehicle's speed before hitting a racer.


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