CROWNED is a Latvian YouTube personality and video producer.

He is known within the Need for Speed community for his uniquely experimental video creations, independent thematic presentation, and indigenous themes.

He specialises in creating cinematic vehicle montages, stylistic wrap designs, and in-depth coverage of the Need for Speed series.

The community surrounding the channel is also prevalent for their themed car meets in various Need for Speed games and their collaborative livery creations.

Contributions he has made towards the Need for Speed community have been featured in a 'Community Spotlight' section of an 'Under The Hood' article posted on September 29, 2017. The section highlighted the Need for Speed community's superb creative ability and featured the Light Show In Need for Speed video[1].

A number of his videos are also listed as part of a 'Tips and Tricks' playlist for the Need for Speed community.[2].

CROWNED also has two other channels: DROWNED and THRONED, which are dedicated to gameplay content and copyright-free music respectively.


  • He joined YouTube on July 19, 2014.
  • The logo for the channel was inspired by the green Street King crown featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.
  • A collaborative video between CROWNED and JvyPennant created in Need for Speed (2015) was published in a Speedhunters article[3].
  • Two CROWNED logo decals can be applied to wrap designs in Need for Speed: Payback.


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