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The 2004 Cadillac CTS is a sports saloon produced by the Cadillac division of General Motors.

The CTS marked Cadillac's return to the rear wheel drive market and was the first model made available with a manual transmission since 1988.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The CTS appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Due to its weight, it is prone to understeer, but is very effective in pursuits and possesses decent performance stats.

It does, however, lose its competitiveness in the later stages of the Career mode, as its lacklustre handling and low top speed hold it back.


The stock CTS is unlocked through the Career mode upon the player defeating Blacklist Rival #12: Isabel "Izzy" Diaz.

Upon being unlocked, it can be purchased in the Career mode from a Car Lot for 32,000 cash, and it can be selected for customisation in My Cars.

NFSMW Cadillac CTS Stock.jpg
Defeat Blacklist #12: "Izzy"
Cost: 32,000
Top Speed 2.3
Acceleration 1.4
Handling 0.6

Challenge Series

A custom CTS offered in the Challenge Series can be driven in two events:

It can not be unlocked for use in any events or game modes outside of its two Challenge Series events.

NFSMW Cadillac CTS ChallengeSeries.jpg
Challenge Series vehicle
Top Speed 4.3
Acceleration 3.8
Handling 3

Need for Speed: Carbon

Development - Main article: Need for Speed: Carbon/Development.

The CTS can be found in the game files of Need for Speed: Carbon. The model is fully customisable with the exception of some Autosculpt parts or refined performance.

It has four body kits although they all have missing meshes and textures. Since only the mesh of the car is in the game files, it has no performance parts.

Need for Speed: Undercover

Development - Some content may have altered during development.

The CTS can be found in the game files of the Asian PlayStation 2 and Wii releases of Need for Speed: Undercover.

The model is fully customisable, including four body kits, with the exception of some Autosculpt parts or refined performance.

Need for Speed: The Run

The CTS appears in Need for Speed: The Run as a traffic vehicle.

Need for Speed: Edge

The CTS 2003 appears in Need for Speed: Edge with an A class performance rating.

NFSE Cadillac CTSV 2003.jpg
A 530
Requires 100 blueprints to produce
Top Speed 528
Acceleration 540
Nitro Capacity 524
Strength 342
Durability 361


  • In Need for Speed: Edge, the CTS is listed as a 2003 model year and as being the CTS-V.