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Carbon Fibre is a type of very light material making it popular for aerodynamic travel, competitive sports, civil engineering, and military uses.

Carbon Fibre is used variously throughout the Need for Speed series. It is applied to car parts, mostly spoilers and hoods. Vinyls cannot be placed onto Carbon Fibre parts, though it can be seen on AI cars.

Need for Speed: Underground Series

In Need for Speed: Underground, only spoilers and hoods can be turned into carbon fibre parts. In its sequel, the car's body kit, spoiler, hood, roof scoop, and mirrors can be transformed into carbon fibre parts.

Basically, if the player has a Wide Body Kit equipped, the whole car can be carbon fibre with the exception with the roof. In both games, carbon fibre parts allow higher star rating increases than other parts.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, a specific unique vinyl can turn a complete car body into a carbon fibre look. This time, only the roof scoop, spoiler, and hood can be turned into carbon fibre, since it doesn't go as in depth as Underground 2 did with customisation. Some Vinyls may also include a carbon fibre area to them that will also be coloured as the design is. Note that if the whole car is carbon fibre and the player puts a Pearlescent colour on it, the carbon fibre will mix with it and create another shiny colour.

In the handheld equivalent, "Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5.1.0", there was also a bonus customisation unlockable called "Super Composite" available for the hood and on 1 spoiler. This carbon composite is essentially a red carbon fibre that can be applied to the car.

Need for Speed: Carbon

In Need for Speed: Carbon, the player can change aftermarket and Autosculpt parts from normal material to carbon fibre, for an additional cost. These parts include spoilers, hoods, and roof scoops. However, skirts and bumpers cannot be converted to carbon fibre.

Need for Speed: ProStreet

Every spoiler, hood and roof scoop part in Need for Speed: ProStreet is available with a carbon fibre version.

Need for Speed: World

Several body kits in Need for Speed: World are composed of carbon fibre.

Need for Speed : The Run

In Need for Speed : The Run, some cars can have a Carbon Fibre paintjob.

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