Challenge: Autobahnring is a Challenge Weekend race day event featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

The event takes place along the Autobahnring and is hosted by the Super Promotion organisation. The Challenge Weekend is unlocked upon Ryan Cooper dominating the Showdown II: Autopolis event.

The Challenge Weekend restricts all participants to driving only vehicles provided by the Super Promotion organisation.

Completing a race at this race day event will award $800 for a 3rd place finish, $2,400 for a 2nd place finish and $4,800 for a 1st place finish.

Dominating the event will reward Ryan Cooper with $15,000 and the choice of leaving with either a speed tuned Dodge Viper SRT-10 or a speed tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34).

It will also unlock the Infineon, Willow Springs, and Tokyo Dockyard events within the Super Promotion organisation.


Challenge: Autopolis has a total of five available events; one Time Attack, one Grip, two Drifts, one Speed Challenge, and one Top Speed Challenge.

Event Type Course Duration Target Time NFSPSStarIcon Holder
NFSPSGripIcon Time Attack A-S4 Express 3 Laps 54.75 8,390 Ray Krieger
NFSPSGripIcon Grip A-S4 Interloop 3 Laps 3:00.34 8,390 Ivan Tarkovsky
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course B 3 Heats 8,120 Vinnie Gaul
NFSPSSpeedIcon Speed Challenge Autobahnring C 1 Heat 3:54.92 8,160 Nate Denver
NFSPSSpeedIcon Top Speed Run Autobahnring A 1 Heat 2:02.06 8,310 Carlos Galliano
NFSPSDriftIcon Drift Drift Course D 3 Heats 8,340 Paul Trask


Image Make Blueprint Specifications
NFSPSDodgeViperSRT102003Drift DodgeSmallMain
NFSPSDodgeViperSRT102003Speed DodgeSmallMain
NFSPSNissanSkylineGTRR34VSpecIGrip NissanSmallMain
NFSPSNissanSkylineGTRR34VSpecISpeed NissanSmallMain
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