Chau Wu is one of the main characters in Need for Speed: Undercover. He is the leader of the Chinese Mafia (Triads) and is seen driving a black Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG, which is featured in the Boss Car Bundle. 

A BMW M6 is stolen from Chau Wu during the final stages of the career mode. The player is ordered to obtain his vehicle. It is later revealed that it contains a PDA with information about his criminal background. He assumes that GMAC stole his car but was actually stolen by Hector and Zack Maio.

Chase Linh reveals herself as a double agent working for Chau Wu upon the player returning the M6. Chau Wu is dispatched by Linh as she escapes in the M6.

Chau Wu's henchmen each drive a black Lexus IS-F.


  • "I'm Chau Wu. You stole my car and yet you're still alive; most unusual."
  • "What's evil, and what's good, what's bad?"
  • "Your life defines your job and your job defines your life."
  • "I think, I was nine when I stole my first car. It was like riding the world's tallest rollercoaster coming down the drop, and never stopping."


Chau Wu is played by actor Jack Yang.


  • A Porsche 911 GT2 is stolen instead of the BMW M6 in the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii releases.
  • A Nissan 370Z is stolen in the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS releases.


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