Chicago Airfield is a decommissioned airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The location is featured in Need for Speed: ProStreet. Various sections of the airstrip were renovated into parks.

The airport had a single strip and was in operation between 1948 and 2003. It was renamed Merrill C. Meigs Field in 1950 followed by the opening of an air control tower in 1952 and a second terminal in 1961. The site was a prolific means of air travel between the 1960s and 1980s.



Several racedays are hosted by Racing Organisations in Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Group Icon Location Events NFSPSTickIcon NFSPSCrownIcon NFSPSStarIcon
NFSPS Organisation BattleMachine  NFSPSRacedayIcon049  Chicago Airfield II 6 18,000 36,000 44,950 (Gavin May)
NFSPS Organisation BattleMachine  NFSPSRacedayIcon052  Chicago Airfield 5 14,300 28,500 35,810 (Joe Tackett)
NFSPS Organisation Showdown  NFSPSRacedayIcon047  Showdown: Chicago 5  -  31,500 39,450 (JP Laurent)
NFSPS Organisation SuperPromotion  NFSPSRacedayIcon030  Chicago Airfield 6 19,800 39,600 49,630 (Ivan Tarkovsky)
NFSPS Organisation RogueSpeed  NFSPSRacedayIcon015  Chicago Airfield 6 19,800 39,600 49,440 (Craig Wright)
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