Circle Rose is a Circuit event that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and appeared in World as College Mall.

It is the first part of the Rival Challenge event against Blacklist #11 - Big Lou - within the career mode in Most Wanted. In World, it was restricted to C class vehicles.


The route takes place within the central and eastern areas of Rosewood, with a start and finish in Downtown Rosewood, to Forest Green Country Club through the circular road in Rosewood College Campus, and returns to the downtown district along Highway 99.


  • The route also appears in a reversed direction as Hospital Switchback, which is a prerequisite race for challenging Blacklist #10 - Baron.
  • The opening cinematic of the event shows Big Lou being accompanied by two yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse GTs before approaching the player.
  • Prior to the Car Classes update, the event was unlocked upon reaching level 13, and was open to all performance tiers in Need for Speed: World.


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