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Poster of the event featuring a Works-upgraded Acura NSX.

For the FIA GT3 discipline event, see Cities of the World Tour (FIA GT3 event).
For the FIA GT1 discipline event, see Cities of the World Starlight Tour.

Only Works upgraded cars and GTX cars can compete in this event, which is also known as Works Cities of the World Tour. This event will take places in Miami Bicentennial Park Route, Tokyo Westbound Expressway, Shanghai Nanjing Road Dash, Riviera Casino Riviera and then the London Embankment Loop.


Race Image Circuit 1st Place Finish Distance / Laps
#1 None Miami Bicentennial Park Route ? ?
#2 None Tokyo Westbound Expressway ? ?
#3 None Shanghai Nanjing Road Dash ? ?
#4 None Riviera Casino Riviera ? ?
#5 None London Embankment Loop ? ?
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