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Carbon Colin
Role Drafter
Speciality Fabricator
Race Increases drafting zone
Career Unlocks Autosculpt for exhausts,
rims, spoilers and top-chop
NFS Carbon - Colin Bio

NFS Carbon - Colin Bio

Colin is a crew member that joins the player in Need for Speed: Carbon after they defeat Wolf. He is a former crew member of TFK.

Colin expresses willingness to support the player and their crew during their initial meeting. He also informs them, that he was present the night when the player raced against Angie, Kenji and Wolf.

Colin states he simply wishes to race, and he can assist by mentioning his role on that fateful night. While everyone was panicking when the police arrived, he instead remained cool, and saw Nikki knocked over by some stranger, who so happened to have the exact same bag, confirming that the bag was switched.

Colin, more than willing to help, assures the player that he can be an asset, "one of the best drivers in the city and you know it."


Colin only drives Exotic cars and switches his current vehicle, when the player purchases a car with a higher tier rating.


  • A shortened version of "Bounce" by Dynamite MC is played during Colin's biography video.
  • Colin is the only character who does not show any poses or expressions during their biography video.
  • Colin is played by actor Steve Lawlor.
  • The player must recruit both Colin and Sal to get full use of the Autosculpt feature in career mode.
  • In Colin's meeting, the car in the background, though hard to make out, is in fact his Porsche Cayman S.
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