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Cost to State is a game mode featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Undercover.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Cost to State Challenge is an event that requires the player to reach a target cost to state (CTS) before evading. The player can access a Cost to State Challenge in the Challenge Series or in Free Roam as a Milestone event. Each roadside object and police car has a certain value when hit that will help increase the Cost to State.

Need for Speed: Undercover

Cost to State is a game mode in Career mode. The player must reach a CTS before evading. Unlike Most Wanted, the player must evade as soon as possible after reaching the target CTS because there is a time limit. However, there is a Job mission (Hornets Nest) that the player must cause a 25,000 CTS and evade without a time limit.


  • Aubrey & Wilson-3:00, 15K
  • South Harbor-5:00, 25K
  • West Water Street-5:00, 12.5K
  • East Konopa-4:00, 10K
  • North Sutton-4:00, 15K
  • Alena & Harbor-6:00, 30K
  • South Pine Creek-5:00, 20K
  • West Southbridge-3:20, 15K
  • Eastside & Sheridan-5:30, 25K
  • South Naval Access-4:30, 20K
  • East Prime Avenue-2:30, 10K
  • Powell & Dock-7:30, 40K
  • North Victory-6:00, 30K
  • East Freightyard Access-10:00, 50K
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