Dirt is an African-American male that wears a hat, and is a minor character featured in Need for Speed: Underground.

Need for Speed: Underground

Dirt is seen giving race challenges to the player throughout Underground Mode. He mainly gives the player Drift events, and drives a Nissan 240SX.

He also appears in the third of the three "In Need of Bank?" events, taking place at the Inner City circuit course, which is available when the player cannot afford to buy the performance upgrades needed for a tournament.

His 240SX is fitted with a Blast front bumper, Spyder rear bumper, Renegade side skirts, and is otherwise visually stock.


  • "Woah, kid, this is sick, yet another convert to the drift scene. Well, let's see what kind of moves you've got. They call me Dirt, and I like to get... sideways."
  • "So it's battle time now, huh? This is it, for the whole enchilada."
  • "Gotta say, there's a new drifter in town."

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