Downtown Palmont is the central borough of Palmont City featured in Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: World.

Downtown Palmont has many tall buildings, which can be observed from multiple points across Palmont City, as well as a large park and a Chinatown. There is a functioning, although non-accessible, monorail system as well as tram tracks in the south of the borough although no trams run along them.

Downtown Palmont is also dominated by Kenji's crew Bushido, who control most of the territories in the borough. The player will start in this borough if they pick the tuner class Mazda RX-8 at the beginning of the game. The borough is most suited to tuner cars due to the many tight corners and short streets.


Downtown Palmont is made up of five territories;

  • Billings District has the majority of skyscrapers in Downtown Palmont, and is located between the Mason District and King's Park. It also has a monorail system, which has carriages resembling those used on Vancouver's SkyTrain, which can be seen moving throughout the territory. At the south, there is also a connecting road passing through Stonewall Tunnel that leads to Kempton.
  • Historic Chinatown is a Chinatown territory with Chinese themed decorations, architecture, and restaurants. It is also the location of the unused tram line.
  • Kings Park is surrounded by a tree-rich park with Japanese gates, or Torii, at the end of the road through the park. Chinese lamps similar to those in Historic Chinatown can be found hanging alongside the roads around the park, and a one of a kind wooden bus stop can be used as a Pursuit Breaker.
  • Mason District is located in the centre of Downtown Palmont with a few office buildings. To the north, there is a connecting road to Silverton, and to the south is an unused tram line.
  • Old Quarter is a borough with neoclassical architecture including a museum which has a large metal dinosaur skeleton sculpture that can be used as a Pursuit Breaker. The streets are much more grid-like than the other roads in Palmont. It is the location of Kenji's Safehouse, which the player can use after defeating him, as well as the location for Kenji's boss race.


  • Old Quarter is also the name of a sprint event in Need for Speed: World.
  • In Need for Speed: World, two spawning locations were found in Historic Chinatown.



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