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The Eastsiders is a street racing crew featured in Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City. It is the second crew the player has to defeat. They control the Perimeter Highway and Industrial regions of Coast City.


While the player, Sara and Carter are at the graveyard visiting Mick's grave, Carter reveals that he took one picture from the sidelines, showing the player, Mick crashing, and a mysterious third car. Nobody knew who the third driver was, but it is suspected that the driver was involved in Mick's fatal race.

Later on, after defeating the Berserkers, while the player and Carter are celebrating, the player notices a car pulling by as the driver asks for directions. The player notices that the car is the same one that appeared in the photo of the crash and goes after him.

Eventually, after defeating the crew, the leader of the Eastsiders, Poorboy, reveals that while he was present in the fatal race, he didn't kill Mick. Poorboy tells the player that the accident was caused by someone named Buddy, saying he came out of nowhere and caused the crash.


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