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Equipment, or Weapons, in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered are a selection of abilities and support items available to cops and racers.

The selection of equipment available differs between cops and racers, as racers prioritise escaping the Seacrest County Police Department and cops aim to shut down race events as quickly as possible. Some equipment may only be used by either cops or racers.

Using equipment in events has both a recharge time and a limited number of available times it can be used in an event. The amount offered differs depending on the game mode and event route.

As players use equipment in either the career or multiplayer, they contribute towards their milestones for each faction, and can unlock upgraded levels for their equipment.



NFSHP2010 EquipmentIcon Helicopter.png
Main article: Equipment/Helicopter

Helicopter is an aerial response unit available for deployment by cops.

It can be called in for a multitude of support roles:

  • Can maintain pursuit contact with an additional engagement range
  • Can drop spike strips ahead of racers

Upgrading the helicopter increases its fuel range for additional deployment time, increases its spike strip length, and allows it to maintain contact with racers in tunnels.

Road Block

NFSHP2010 EquipmentIcon Roadblock.png
Main article: Equipment/Road Block

Road blocks are temporary blockades made up of SCPD vehicles and are used to either divert, disrupt or effectively stop racers.

They can be called in by cops to block roads ahead of racers and can be upgraded with repeated uses.

Upgraded road blocks increase in effectiveness and size.


NFSHP2010 EquipmentIcon Jammer.png
Main article: Equipment/Jammer

Jammer is a communication and equipment disruption device available for racers.

Activating a jammer can disrupt the ability for cops to use their equipment and can deactivate some equipment that has been deployed.

They can be activated by racers and can be upgraded with repeated uses.

Upgrading jammers increases its duration and effective radius.


NFSHP2010 EquipmentIcon Turbo.png
Main article: Equipment/Turbo

Turbo is a temporary super-boost available for racers that can not be deactivated once engaged. It will only disengage once it has been depleted or if it is forcefully shut off through vehicle contact.

Activating a turbo will start a short readying period before a power surge instigated. During the power surge, the vehicle will accelerate up to or beyond its listed top speed and will spit green flames from its exhausts.

They can be activated by racers and can be upgraded with repeated uses.

Upgrading turbo increases its duration and acceleration up to the vehicle's top speed.


NFSHP2010 EquipmentIcon EMP.png
Main article: Equipment/EMP

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is a pulse emitting device available for cops and racers that is designed to disrupt the electronics of a targeted vehicle.

Activating an EMP will engage target acquisition, which requires a successful lock-on to fire an EMP pulse. It will target the closest and most direct racer for a cop, but will target the nearest and most direct opponent for a racer; being either a cop or a rival racer.

Once a lock-on has been achieved, an EMP pulse is fired at the targeted vehicle, which will be temporarily disrupted. The resulting disruption will force the vehicle into a slide and slightly damage it. Vehicles will low health may be wrecked by a successful EMP pulse.

They can be activated by cops or racers, and can be upgraded with repeated uses.

Upgrading an EMP will decrease its lock-on time, increase its damage yield, and increase its range.

Spike Strip

NFSHP2010 EquipmentIcon SpikeStrip.png
Main article: Equipment/Spike Strip

Spike Strips are mechanical barbs available for cops and racers that are designed to puncture a vehicle's tyres.

Activating a spike strip will deploy a spike strip from the rear of their vehicle. Upon deployment, each strip will expand outward with their effectiveness increasing until they reach their maximum length.

A vehicle driving over a spike strip will have their tyres punctured and spin out whilst incurring a small amount of damage. A spiked vehicle's tyres will instantly reinflate after spinning out, but vehicles will low health may be wrecked.

They can be activated by cops or racers, and can be upgraded with repeated uses.

Upgrading spike strips will increase their length and the amount that can be deployed with each usage.


Manufacturers provide equipment to both sides with each offering their own expertise to their preferred clientele.

HCM Corporation

NFSHP2010 Logos HCMCorporation.jpg
Main article: HCM Corporation

HCM Corporation is a fictional manufacturer and provides equipment to cops.

Hudesen Tech

NFSHP2010 Logos HudsenTech.jpg
Main article: Hudsen Tech

Hudsen Tech is a fictional manufacturer and provides equipment to racers.