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Using sophisticated repeater technology, the HudsonTech Jammer is the perfect choice to leave the cops in the dark. The Jammer effectively blocks Cop weapon systems, scrambles Interceptor navigation units, and disrupts deplyed Spike Strips, rendering them useless.
SCPD INTEL: The Jammer is the perfect counter to a Cop EMP. Activate your Jammer when the Cops are locking onto you to block their communications and cancel their EMP.
— Manual

A Jammer is an Equipment item for racers in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered.

Offered only to racers, activating a Jammer will disable the ability for any cops nearby its activation to use their equipment for a short period of time, and can be used to counter other equipment items:

  • Disable any EMP lock-on attempts by cops or fellow racers
  • Deactivate and collapse any placed spike strips
  • Show any nearby called in road blocks on the mini-map

An activated Jammer is shown to racers on their mini-map as a pulse emitting from the racer that activated it. The radius, number of SCPD units effected by a single Jammer use, and the jamming duration improves with upgrades. After activating a Jammer, it can not be activated again until it has recharged and the player's car has enough remaining usages.

Cops that have been jammed will be informed that their communications are being disrupted, which will result in them losing their link with command and be unable to activate any of their available equipment until communications have been restored. Communications are restored once their communication system has rebooted.


Level I

A level one Jammer is the basic equipment level, it can disrupt the communications of a few nearby SCPD units for a short period of time.

Players will be allowed to activate a level one Jammer as soon they have been acquired:

Level II "Sweeper"

A level two Jammer, offered by HudsenTech with their "Sweeper", has an increased radius.

Players will be upgraded to level two Jammers upon reaching the "10 Successful Jammers" milestone.

Level III "Barrage"

A level three Jammer, offered by HudsenTech with their "Barrage", has an increased jamming duration.

Players will be upgraded to a level three Jammer upon reaching the "25 Successful Jammers" milestone.


  • Cops that are too far away from a racer will not be affected by a Jammer activation.
  • Cops that weren't within the radius of a Jammer activation will not be jammed near a racer currently jamming communications.

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