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If you're in a tight spot and need some space to breathe, HudsenTech has the solution for you. Engage turbo and within seconds your engine experiences a power-injection unlike any other. However, maintaining this acceleration introduces a significant strain on your car's infastructure so the system disengages automatically.
— Manual

A Turbo is an Equipment device for racers in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered.

Offered only to racers, a Turbo system is a powerful boost system that is capable of increasing the performance of a car's engine, resulting in a dramatic increase in acceleration and top speed for a short period of time. It is not tied to the car's nitrous system.

Once a Turbo system is activated, it can not be purposefully deactivated until its usage duration has been completed, but can be deactivated from a sufficient collision from another vehicle or if the car activating it crashes. During the activation period of the Turbo system, the player will hear a sound building up to its eventual activation and is followed by a loud blast from the rear of the car.

A car utilising its Turbo system will emit green flames from its exhausts, their engine noise will be much louder, and their field of vision will narrow towards the centre of their screen. The car will also have increased understeer for the duration of the Turbo.

A racer that is activating their Turbo system will be notified to pursing SCPD interceptor units by command as a power surge by detecting from that car.


Level I

A level one Turbo system is a basic equipment level for all racers. It can provide a short period of increased acceleration and top speed.

Players will be allowed to activate a level one Turbo as soon they have been acquired:

Level II

A level two Turbo system has a reduced activation time and an increased usage duration.

Players will be upgraded to a level two Turbo upon reaching the "10 Successful Turbos" milestone.

Level III

A level two Turbo system has a further reduced activation time and a further increased usage duration.

Players will be upgraded to a level three Turbo upon reaching the "25 Successful Turbos" milestone.


  • Turbo emits a green exhaust flame, instead of the regular blue colour of nitrous.
  • After using Turbo without crashing, the player will be awarded with additional bounty as a "Perfect Turbo".
  • Nitrous can be built up whilst a Turbo is being used.

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