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Repair Shops are drive throughs scattered all over the city of Fairhaven with 21 locations in total (22 with the Terminal Velocity Pack DLC).

They are easily distinguished from other buildings by their giant signs with blue lights and distinct building design made for drive-throughs. They will appear as a green open-end wrench on the mini-map. The repair shops are all owned by a fictional company called "Knocking Brothers".

These repair shops combine the ability to repair, repaint and refill nitrous of the player's car once they have driven though it. This allows any visual damage and burst tyres to be repaired.

Passing through a Repair Shop during the cooldown phase of a pursuit will reduce the player's heat by a single level per visit.

It only serves to repair damage and refill nitrous on a player's car in multiplayer as repainting the vehicle is only available through unlockable paint schemes.


The Beltway
KB(17) #1 Bloomguard Street
Managio & Gunderson Avenue South intersection
Callahan Industrial
KB(15) #2 Block Road
Near the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Jack Spot
KB(16) #3 Gant Street
Near the I-92 junction
KB(4) #4 Beltway South
KB(5) #5 Beltway South
KB(21) #6 Vincennies Road
Close to the rail terminal
Hughes Park
KB(18) #7 Johnson Street
Near Clark Street
KB(19) #8 Clark Street
KB(20) #9 Clark Street
Adams Street & Peterson Street intersection
Interstate 92
KB(11) #10 I92 East
Near the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Jack Spot
KB(12) #11 I92 East
Near the Lamborghini Aventador Jack Spot; before the junction
KB(13) #12 I92 North
Near the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Jack Spot; close to the Agera R Most Wanted race checkpoint
KB(14) #13 I92 West
KB(6) #14 Hutchinson Avenue
Near the Bentley Supersports ISR Jack Spot
KB(7) #15 Kruger Avenue
Hutchinson Avenue & Garber Street intersection
KB(9) #16 Kruger Avenue
KB(8) #17 Chance Street
Close to Kruger Avenue; near the Aston Martin V12 Vantage Jack Spot; near Hanna Street
KB(10) #18 Malone Street
Near the Lexus LFA Jack Spot; near the I-92 junction
Ripley's Point
KB(1) #19 Brigman Drive
Located with 2 parked cars in
KB(2) #20 Jorden Street
Near Bishop Street; close to a Jack Spot
KB(3) #21 Burke Street
Near an intersection; close to the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Jack Spot
Airport (DLC)
KB(DLC) #22 Central Terminal Departures
Near the SRCU FAST Construction site


  • The fictional company - Knocking Brothers - displays that it was established in 1948.
  • The Repair Shops are a combination of the Gas Station, Body Shop and Paint Shop drive throughs featured in Criterion Games' previous title - Burnout Paradise.
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