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Warp Pipes are a series of Easter Eggs exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). They are large, green pipes based on those seen in the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

A secret location can be entered by the player upon parking their vehicle on top of a pipe and clicking the left stick down of their controller.

Each pipe is a gateway to a different secret garage that each contains an extra Jack Spot for either the Ariel Atom 500, BAC Mono or Caterham Superlight R500 as well as a custom Mario-themed livery for that vehicle.

Each garage has at least three exits with each allowing the player to exit to a different location within Fairhaven City.

I92 East
X #1-1 Ariel Atom (Mario-themed livery)
Warp Pipe can be found alongside the hanging platform at the Onslow interstate construction site.
Callahan Industrial
X #2-1 Caterham R500 Superlight (Princess Peach-themed livery)
Warp Pipe can be found on the edge of the cliff by the lighthouse along Somerset Road.
Hodges Airfield
X #3-1 BAC Mono (Yoshi-themed livery)
Warp Pipe can be found adjacent to the hanging fuselage near one of the entrances to the site.


  • The Paradise City seal from Burnout Paradise is shown stamped on a delivery crate in the Level 2-1 garage.
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