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Faith Jones is the leader of Free Ember Militia in Need for Speed: Payback.

As a survivalist, home schooled in the wilderness outside of Silver Rock, she loves a difficult challenge that fits her daredevil attitude. She is described by Mac as being insane, due to her daredevil attitude.

Need for Speed: Payback

Faith appears during chapter 4 - 'Open Skies' - of the career. She introduces herself following Mac challenging her crew; Free Ember Militia.

Initially, she doesn't see Mac as an off-road racer, calling him a showman. After a few races, Faith accepts Mac's challenge and races against him.

Following her defeat, she agrees to helping Mac and his crew in the Outlaw's Rush.

During the Outlaw's Rush, Faith assists Tyler by smashing into cops that were in pursuit of him across Liberty Desert.

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