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The 1989 Ferrari 348 TB (F119) is a mid-engine sports coupé manufactured by Ferrari.

Introduced in 1989 as the successor to the 328, the 348 was initially made available in coupé "TB" (Trasversale Berlinetta) and targa "TS" (Trasversale Spider) body types.

The pininfarina-styled body combines styling cues from the Testarossa along the flanks and rear treatment, with cues from classic models of the past, such as the front-end treatment reminiscent of the 375 MM.

It is powered by a longitudinally-mounted 3.4-litre V8 engine producing 300 bhp (221 kW) and mated to a transverse gearbox. It is also the first model announced by the company subsequent to the death of Enzo Ferrari.

It was replaced in late 1993 by the 348 GTB, until the succession of the 348 line-up by the Ferrari F355 in 1995.


Need for Speed: Edge

The 348 TB 1989 appears in Need for Speed: Edge.

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Top Speed 0
Acceleration 0
Nitro Capacity 0
Strength 0
Durability 0