The Ferrari F355 Berlinetta is a mid-engined sports coupé manufactured by Ferrari from May 1994 to mid-1999.

It was unveiled at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show, and was quickly propelled as a new-age sports car; fitted with a 5-valve per cylinder 3.5-litre V8 and electrically controlled suspension, leaving behind the 348, of which it was revised from.

The new 5-cylinder Ferrari Dino engine had a new head design over previous iterations of the engine, allowing it produce more power through the improved intake and kept lightweight through the use of a forged titanium alloy.

The electronic control servos fitted to the tubular steel monocoque sub-frame, allowed the F355 to be toggled by the driver between two damper settings; 'Comfort' and 'Sport'.

Through five year production of the F355, multiple variations were developed, such as the F355 Spider in 1995, a convertible with Ferrari's first electric powered soft-top; the F355 GTS in 1995, a targa top with a removable panel roof; the F355 Challenge in 1995, a race-ready dealer kit with a roll cage and various racing components; and the 100 unit limited run F355 'Serie Fiorano' in 1999, a limited production run revision of the race-ready Challenge.

In 1997, the Berlinetta and Spider were offered with a Formula 1 derived gearbox - the first of its kind for a road car. Dubbed the 355 F1 and 355 F1 Spider respectively, they were similar to their F355 counterparts, but included a shorter and faster shifting gearbox with steering wheel paddles.


Need for Speed: No Limits

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The F355 Berlinetta appears in Need for Speed: No Limits as part of a Proving Grounds special event that took place from July 16, 2019 to July 30, 2019. Its starting rank is 475 PR.


The stock Enzo is a classic sports class car that requires 40 legendary blueprints to unlock. The blueprints required to unlock the vehicle can be found from various sources;

  • Proving Grounds event
NFSNL Ferrari F355 Berlinetta NFSNL ClassicSportClassIcon Classic Sports NFSNL GarageIcon Loan 3000 2100 2550 475 NFSNL GarageIcon PR
NFSNL GoldStar 2NFSNL GreyStar 4 x40 Legendary Blueprints NFSNL GarageIcon Upgrade 7447 7104 7276 819 NFSNL GarageIcon PR
Stage Upgrades


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