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The Ford Falcon XR8 (AU I) is a high-performance variant of the AU range of the sixth generation Falcon saloon manufactured by Ford of Australia. It uses a 5.0 litre Windsor V8, which produces 248 bhp at 4,500 rpm.


Need for Speed: High Stakes

The Falcon XR8 appears in the Australian release of Need for Speed: High Stakes as a class A car with the price tag of $27,000 in the PC release or $22,000 in the PlayStation release. It can be purchased and modified in the career mode and is featured with a showcase.

The vehicle provides slower acceleration and top speed in the class, compensating with the best handling and braking capabilites. Once fully upgraded, it is capable to catch up with the strongest vehicles.


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  • The Falcon XR8 can be found in the files of the PlayStation Japanese release of Need for Speed: High Stakes, being unused in the final release.


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