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The Ford Indigo is a two-seater concept roadster by Ford introduced in 1996.

Taken from concept to reality in six months with the help of England's Reynard Motorsport, the Indigo draws heavily on both Indy and Formula 1 car design in its construction. Some of its distinctive characteristics are mirror-mounted fiber optic based headlights, scissor doors, and black leather cockpit which takes cue from Formula One cars, having gear shifting buttons on the steering wheel, four-point harness and F1-styled instrument display.

The Indigo is powered by a rear-mounted 435 bhp V12 engine which brings 75 percent of the car's total torque at 1000 rpm.


Need for Speed II

The Indigo appears in Need for Speed II as one of the fastest cars in the game due to its low weight and chassis. It can be unlocked by either winning a Knockout race or by typing the cheat "redracer" at the start menu.

It has a firm handling but lacks in terms of top speed. The Indigo is the ninth bonus car which can be unlocked, before players can get their hands on it.

In the Special Edition release of Need for Speed II, the Indigo appears a class B car, and is available from the beginning.