The Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR is a custom built car for Ken Block's Gymkhana Seven debut, revealed at SEMA 2014.

Based on the 1965 Ford Mustang, it was a collaboration between Block, Hoonigan and RTR to create a one-off performance machine.

It was built in Charlotte, North Carolina with Roush Yates V8, Sadev All-wheel Drive system, ASD Motorsports full tubular chassis and custom suspension, carbon fibre body panels and widebody by RTR.


Need for Speed (2015)

The Hoonicorn was made available in Need for Speed (2015) following the Icons update released on November 25th, 2015.

Players can purchase Ken Block's car for NFS2015CreditsIcon0 after completing all Style missions.

Need for Speed: No Limits

The Hoonicorn appears in Need for Speed: No Limits as a special event vehicle. Its starting rank is 484 PR and is available to the player as a loaner car until the end of the Xtreme Racing Championships (XRC) events.


The Mustang Hoonicorn is a muscle class car that requires 15 common blueprints to unlock. The blueprints required to unlock the vehicle can be found from various sources;
  • Missions
  • Black Market
  • "Power Slide" mission

Receive 150 mechanic level XP by building up and 800 mechanic level XP by fully staging up this car.

NFSNLMustangHoonicorn NFSNL MuscleClassIcon Muscle NFSNL GarageIcon Loan 2700 2700 3276 482 NFSNL GarageIcon PR
NFSNL GoldStar 2NFSNL GreyStar 4 x15 Common Blueprints NFSNL GarageIcon Upgrade 7340 7080 8750 835 NFSNL GarageIcon PR
Stage Upgrades
NFSNL GoldStar 3NFSNL GreyStar 3 x15 Common Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 4NFSNL GreyStar 2 x20 Common Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 5NFSNL GreyStar 1 x20 Common Blueprints
NFSNL GoldStar 6 x25 Common Blueprints


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