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The 2011 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Concept is a police vehicle manufactured by Ford based on the Ford Explorer.

It is powered by a 3.7L V6 engine which is more powerful than the 3.5L unit that powers the Civilian Explorer and has an all-wheel drive layout. Like its saloon counterpart, both sides of the vehicle feature vinyls that says "Police Interceptor" along the body against a black body paint.

It also uses 18 inch rims with centre caps and the interior comes with pre-installed police equipment including a console that has the "Police" on both sides.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

The Police Interceptor Utility (Concept) appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

It is referred to as a "Rhino" or "SUV" during pursuits and is a heavy police vehicle utilised by the FCPD similarly to the SUVs in the original Most Wanted.

Unlike its real life and saloon counterparts from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), it is painted in Fairhaven City Police Department markings.

It will join a pursuit starting from heat level 3. It is heavily used in roadblocks and will also attempt to ram suspects with head-on tactics. Collisions with a Police Interceptor Utility (Concept) vehicle often result in the player crashing their vehicle.

Need for Speed: No Limits

The Police Interceptor Utility (Concept) appears in Need for Speed: No Limits as a Blackridge Police unit.

Need for Speed: Payback

Development - Some content may have altered during development.

The Police Interceptor Utility (Concept) appears in the game files[1] of Need for Speed: Payback, but can not be accessed through intended gameplay.

Its file names indicate it as a 2011 Ford Explorer, but is equipped with components resembling the Utility concept, on which the Explorer is based on.

Need for Speed: Heat

The Police Interceptor Utility (Concept) appears in Need for Speed: Heat as an unmarked police unit driven by Frank Mercer in some cutscenes.



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