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Fortuna is the western borough of Palmont City, which appears in Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: World.

In Need for Speed: Carbon, it is primarily controlled by Wolf's TFK crew. The player will start in this borough if they pick the exotic class Alfa Romeo Brera at the beginning of the career mode.

Fortuna is located near the ocean featuring affluent neighbourhoods and the campus of Palmont University. The area features numerous hillside roads, steep slopes, and wide corners that are designed for exotic class cars.


  • Fortuna Heights is the smallest territory in Fortuna and the location of the Palmont convention centre, a large structure located on the side of the Palmont interstate.
  • Hills Borough is a residential territory with gated subdivisions and elevated roads. One of the most notable locations is a lookout point, giving a wide view of the surrounding area. It is connected to a road that directly leads to Highway 142.
  • Ocean View is a coastal territory in Fortuna that features large mansions along the cliff facing the ocean, alluding to the territory's title. Several ocean liner docks can be found within the area.
  • Palmont University is the campus territory utilised by the modernism-oriented Palmont University, which features several metal and wire artwork installations that can be used as Pursuit Breakers.
  • South Fortuna is the southern territory of Fortuna and is comprised of high-rise buildings.


  • Fortuna is based off of Beverly Hills, California.