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For the roaming racer boss, see: Gallo Rivera (Roaming Racer).

"Gallo" Rivera is the leader of The Silver Six in Need for Speed: Payback. He is an old friend of Tyler's from their days in The Barrio before being chased out of Silver Rock by The House.

Need for Speed: Payback

Before the events of Need for Speed: Payback, Gallo used to run with Tyler in a crew known as 'Sixth Street'. However, following an incident that resulted in the entire crew being arrested, they parted ways.

Gallo formed his own crew made up of members from various other street racing crews across downtown Silver Rock. Gallo, and The Silver Six, refused to work with The House's rigged street racing leagues.

Gallo appears in chapter 4 - 'Open Skies' - of the career. Here he is reunited with Tyler, after his crew were also chased out of Silver Rock by The House. Gallo is reluctant to join Tyler in his fight against The House and Navarro, revealing that he has slipped back into a life of crime. However, after a race with Tyler, Gallo reluctantly admits that Tyler is capable of beating The House.

During the Outlaw's Rush, Gallo and The Silver Six assist Tyler by drawing away cops that were on The House's payroll.


  • "Gallo" is Spanish and Italian for "Rooster".