Gridlock is a Drag event featured in Need for Speed: World. It has five lanes and an excessive amount of traffic. The event was made available on July 22nd, 2013 as part of Need for Speed: World's Third Anniversary. It is also the only Drag event that can be played in Single Player mode.


The start line of the event is at a Y junction in The Projects district of Kempton. The route follows the entire length of the road from the junction to the Donut Shop found along the Promenade in the Morgan Beach district.

The five lanes available in the event feature two regular traffic lanes on either side of the road and a cross hatched middle lane.


Players will not encounter any traffic vehicles until they reach the highway interchange. There are various small hatchbacks and saloon vehicles that won't change lane. A Dump Truck found along the left-hand side will change lane before turning towards the right-hand side of the course.

Another dump truck will cross the player's route at the junction after the highway interchange. The speed of which it crosses the junction will randomly differ but it will always approach from the right.

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