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The HSV Coupé GTS is a high-performance coupé from Holden.

The Coupé GTS is based off of the V2 generation Holden Monaro, which is based on the VY generation Holden Commodore.

It was exported to various markets under the name of the Vauxhall Monaro and Pontiac GTO, and all variants had the 5.7L LS1 V8 engine from General Motors.

The Coupé GTS went through Series II and Series III revisions before being succeeded by the Z generation Coupé GTS based on the VZ generation Commodore.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

The Coupé GTS appears in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 as a tier 3 vehicle in the PC, GameCube, and Xbox releases and can be unlocked with 10,000 NFS points. It is featured as a class D vehicle in the PlayStation 2 release, being unlocked by accumulating 50,000 NFS Points.

The Coupé GTS can be outperformed by other vehicles in its class due to a weak acceleration, although it is compensated by a high top speed and responsive handling.

NFS Edition

The NFS Edition Coupe GTS is unlocked in the PC, GameCube, and Xbox releases upon earning 20,000 NFS Points, but is unlocked in the PlayStation 2 release upon completing 4 clean laps at advanced difficulty in challenge mode.


The Pursuit variant appears only in the PC, GameCube, and Xbox releases by earning 20,000 NFS Points.