Highway 201 (Hwy 201) is a ring motorway that loops around Downtown Rockport. It appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: World.

Highway 201 connects all districts of Downtown Rockport together. It is also connected to other boroughs of Rockport, including the southern end of Rosewood within Lyons and Point Camden within Masterson Naval Shipyard.


The southern end of the highway connects the Riverfront Stadium with the downtown district.

When going westbound from this point, players will be led to a single junction known as Valley Interchange, which connects Fairmont Bowl with the looping road going past Rockport Valley Airport. The eastern section of Highway 201 features two junctions, including Riverfront, which connects the Riverfront Stadium with the southeastern side of Rockport. From the other junction - Seaside Interchange - Agostini Heights and Masterson Naval Shipyard can be reached.

Within the northern area of the highway, the road sections on both sides overlap each other as winding corners. The Lyons Tunnel overpass is located within the northern end of the highway, where a junction leading to Rosewood can be found.


In Need for Speed: World's Tri-City, several additions to the highway were made. The Riverfront junction had been reworked to be joined with the previously inaccessible Rockport Turnpike highway, which would have led to new boroughs in the title. The expansion of the Rockport Valley Airport also saw the addition of roads connecting the terminals with the highway. Around Valley Interchange, roads connecting Rockport to Palmont, as well as tunnels leading to the inaccessible Lower Rockport West Side were also added.



  • Three tollbooths are located within Highway 201, which were not featured in Need for Speed: World.
  • A large inaccessible section undergoing construction can be found along the southern side of the Riverfront Stadium.
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